The morning walk on weekends is always special…there is no requirement to rush back for going to work…To spice it up, i decide to walk on the road instead of taking monotonous rounds in a nearby park. Fortunately a network of crisscorss roads in this area provide ample opportunity for trying various permutations and combinations.

During today’s morning walk through a slightly unknown part i came across this board outside a bunglow displaying “Bramha kumaris Centre”.

For those not aware, Brahma Kumari is a spiritual organization which teaches a form of meditation that focuses on our identities as souls and has its centre spread all over world.

Out of curiosity i entered the cenre. Through glass door i could see few people listening to some discourse.

The person at the reception on knowing that i was a first time visitor guided me to a room and i was asked to wait there.

After few minutes a lady in spotless while saaree enters and we exchange greetings. She has a glow on her face and a very peaceful disposition. The conversation goes like this:

She: Aap yaha kyo aaye. (What makes you come here.)

I did not expect this question and after momentary blankness blurted out answer.

Me: Mann ki shanti ke liye. ( To get peace of mind)

I thought matter would end there but no:)

She: Mann ashant rahta hai ? (Your mind does not remain peaceful?)

Me: Kabhi kabhi (sometimes)

She: What else do you expect to gain from here ?
By this time i am comfortable with this interview session :):)

Me: I think most of us know the world a lot but they do not know much about themselves. I am here to get to know about my inner self..i am here to find myself..:)

(She is now smiling :):).Seems i will get selected :))

She: Yes…when our body is hurt we go to the doctor to heal…But when the soul is hurt it is to be healed through various meditation and programmes that we carry out here..

( Me nodding at appropriate places like a school boy :):)).

She continues: You will have to participate in the basic programme for the next 7 days , one hour each day.

We settle for morning 7 to 8 time starting from tomorrow:).

She asks me to wait and goes to other room. I am thinking probably tea will be served. Though i dont take tea but may be if she insists i would take it:)

She is back after few minutes with a writing pad and asks me to note down my name, contact no. and address which i do in the best possible handwriting:)

Now i am set to leave. She gives me a sweetmeat (nariyal ki barfee) as prasaad which i pocket so as to share with my family members:).I get back home:).

I shall be sharing the meditation experience in one of future posts☺

And yes the barfee was very tasty too :):).

PS: The post was originally posted on my old site on 15-08-2016 which got deleted.