Having severe headache on one side of temple.; Diagnose the cause as not taking any tea today which i regularly take twice a day..

How mundane addictions (if my diagnosis is correct which has fair high probability based on past experience) have power to control the life. Thinking of quitting tea altogether even if it hurts in short run…:)


Mumbai Saga…

Shifting to Mumbai. Sad to leave this sweet city (Rajkot) but happy to embrace Dream City.

Searching for schools for kids around JVPD area. Any feedback on the same would be most welcome from friends.
More on Mumbai Saga later….:)

Where are those bloggers….

It was in around 2005 when blogs were a relatively new things. I would visit Indiatimes blogs to read and comment (never blogged) by the name “JustCurious”.
There were bloggers with pseudonames of Peshwa, Savvy, Busybee, Serendipity….and many others i cannot recall but i really made them an integral part of my life.
Then i got “busy” with life and stopped reading blogs only to be back now.
Where are you people. Even google cant find you…..