Times change…

Times change and so do we and I am not talking about just our nature but also about our appearance, looks,physique or figures , all such traits we feel so proud of and sometimes even feel arrogant about.
These days  going through the book titled Rajesh Khanna-The untold story and the life story of this first and probably only superstar tells interesting tale about how time changes everything from our thinking to even our attitude and behavior. One interesting aspect was when Rajesh Khanna expects his girl friend Anju Mahendroo to treat him with same adulation (read no nagging or dissent forget criticism) and it appears even funny to read this but then had we been in his shoes we would probably have fared worse after getting all that surreal fame and fortune.
Its important that we do not take ourselves too seriously and remain humble and grateful in life as all that we may be proud of today be it intelligence, temperament,health or appearance may not exist tomorrow.

I am posting below few pics of past and present of few actresses as these were readily available, no gender discrimination ☺☺. Wont waste further energy as keeping water less and food less fast with wife on occasion of karvachauth and feeling thirsty :):)


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parijat shukla

Sense of humour is the essence of life. Rest are just events !! :)

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