Learning Lyrics :) :)

I love songs especially those  sung by kishore kumar and composed by R D Burman or Pancham Da as he is popularly called.
Many songs from these two greats have touched my soul and provided me many answers to many questions posed by life from time to time:).
I can spend a day singing or humming any song without feeling bored. When i first came to Mumbai few months back and was exploring the city the song i would hum while moving around was “kya mausam hai aye deewaane dil…koi hamdam hai chaahat ke kaabil…chal kahi door nikal jaaye ” so this song would now always remind me of my initial carefree and explorer days of Mumbai when i reached here 🙂
While i love songs with all my spirit and soul , i am pretty bad at lyrics, only knowing a couple of lines or words and self making or hmmming the rest part. This i feel is lot of disservice to those great people who created such wonderful artform :).
Also, as i dont know lyrics of a single song, i am unable to sing it before general public and have to be satisfied with torturing my core family by making them audience to my not so good voice 🙂 :).
So here i have decided to learn lyrics of a few songs. I have written down the lyrics of the song “zindgi ke safar me….” (below) but never realized it was such a long song :(.
Poor crammer as i am let me see how long it takes for me to memorize these and be able to sing this song correctly without aid of written words 🙂


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