Do what is right.

​Today i watched the movie Rustam on tv and over thinker that i am cannot help analyze the movie from various angles especially from relationship and human behaviour point of view :).
The movie is about a Navy officer who is on some onshore assignment away from his wife. While he is away his wife isnt able to resist the temptation of having an affair presumably due to lonliness and other circumstancial situations.
The officer on coming back comes to know about it and in a fit of rage kills the person his wife was involved it leading to court case which forms core of the story.
Finally he gets acquited and also forgives his wife and they are again together.
Temptations are part of our life and it is also important to remember that  several thing which seem fun and innocent while they are happening could lead to disastrous and unexpected outcomes.
Who does not like attention, care, pampering…especially it appears more enchanting when it comes from a person of opposite gender. 
We may bask in the new found glory of self importance and think that we “deserve” such attention and friendly affection.
While the same attention may not be given by our spouses (owing to familiarity or because of humdum of life ), one sometimes tends to justify such liaisons….Our mind plays games and tricks us into believing that a little flirting and fun talk is innocent , unharmful and acceptable.
One must be beware of such tricks played by mind. In today’s age of social media, smartphones there is no need to physically meet someone to have “little innocent fun” and that “special friend” is just a click away 🙂
We also get over confident of our “wisdom”, “gyan” and “rationality” and feel that everything will go only as far as we would allow it to be and that nothing will and can go “out of control”. 
The line between “good friend ” and love is very thin and we never realize when that zone could change and create havoc despite all our confidence on our abilities.
I have heard a saying that there is no right way to do the wrong thing 🙂 :).
So if you are going through such phase, take note of it, be determined and resist those innocent temptations now !!. It may hurt in short run but will be worth in the long run. ☺☺


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