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Started visiting Brahmakumaaris again today. There was gap of many days due to several reasons including disillusionment with all that they tell there. The only difference this time is that have started going there without a notepad as it appears all that they tell is already known to me !!! In any case i never reread anything wrote earlier so it appeared waste of ink and paper 🙂

Sometimes merely doing something is therapeutic and this visit is one of those acts. Doing just for the sake of doing just as writing here just for the sake of writing!!.

Doing mundane things never excited me. Even in professional life i dislike mundane, day to day mechanical activity as i feel it could be done by anyone!!. I remember few years back when i submitted my annual self assessment to my senior, he remarked that he wished to give me much  better grading but for the fact that i wrote much less than i did and offered to give paper back to me for spicing it up but i still declined to change or add to whatever i wrote….call it laziness or plain lack of ambition !!

Of late i believe mundane things , the daily day to day boring activities too have their own charm…they keep people involved and busy in one way or the other so they dont think too much about other things of life and may be dont even need to visit Brahmakumaaris !! :))


Enough of this mundane writing as of now 🙂 !!


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