Rekha – Part 1

Purchased this book yesterday and have started reading it. Till now 30 pages are over and i think its enough to write a post.

These 30 pages i read cover those part of her life when she was married to Mukesh Agarwal. This marriage lasted just 6 months and the marriage happened after courtship of one month.

Mukesh Agarwal was a bania who left education at thr age of 13 then did odd jobs before making it big in the world of business so basically a self made man. He had a complex and loved to be in company of high and famous to make him feel better.

He got smitten by Rekha and through some common friends like Derpti Naval and Bina Ramani got close enough to Rekha to propose her marriage.

They married too fast to avoid any change of mind. He was more a fan than a husband to Rekha completely mesnerised by her.

Now what happens next bring to fore some inner traits of this evergreen acrtess. Mukesh had been fighting depression and this was a reality Rekha had to accept after marriage. He also suffered some business setbacks and this coupled with depression (in my opinion) made him so insecure that he started spending more time with Rekha in Bombay than looking after his business in Delhi.

People close to Rekha would tell her “Is this the man you married” and this coupled with erosion in newness of marriage makes Rekha feel they are incompatible and she starts to maintain distance with her husband (instead of supporting her in his low phase of life).

The husband gets more insecure and wife gets more stony. He pleads to meet her, to talk to her,while she starts contemplating divorce..

She stops picking his calls…He visits her home at bandra and waits for her..she comes , he moves towards her to meet…she sees him gets back into car and drives away..he stands there in rains, tears mixing with rains screaming her name hoarse…

Finally he agrees for divorce as desired by her..but before that he hangs himself using “her” dupatta.

She may have become an accomplished actress but the one word that comes to mind after reading so far is that “what a cruel #$#$*”.

And yes..she did not attend her husband’s funeral.


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3 thoughts on “Rekha – Part 1”

  1. here are grey ares there i think..She was probably too ambitious and went into marriage without much thought…A person having strings of affairs with big stars like vinod mehra,jeetendra few others and finally Mega star Amitabh must have had great image of a life partner and Mukesh Agarwal probably became victim of circumstances….


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