Mumbai to Ahmedabad

Today while coming from Mumbai to Ahmedabad with a colleague for some official work , i sat in the middle seat with my colleague on my left and a slim young slim man to my right. We were waiting for the flight to depart and i was casually chating with my colleague.

Another passenger comes to our seat, says hello to young man and takes a selfie with him , thanks him and goes to his seat.

Now i am curious. Look at the face of the young man but it rings no bells. How do i ask him which “celebrity” he is !!

Notice his boarding pass in his hand and read the name as “Rahul Chaudhury”. Still no clue so resort to google his name :). It turns out he is captain of kabaddi team Telgu Titans. Say hello to him and we happily start chating ☺☺.

Suddenly remember both sons are huge fan of him and watch his each match. Wattsapp couple of selfies with Rahul to wife’s phone. Instantly receive a voice message from sons saying hello to Rahul and wishing him best. I make Rahul listen to it and record thanks in his voice and wattsapp back to sons who were happy beyond dreams ☺☺.

Flight takes off and Rahul stuffs plugs to his ears to watch some you tube videos but with me adjacent how could he not chat to me :)☺.

So poor fellow had to keep ear plugs on and off several times :):)

Yes i did not forget to ask him why people with specks dont play kabaddi.:):). He laughed and tells they do but after taking off spectacles and then i ask whether they are able to see opponents and we had hearty laugh.

Had a great journey. Finally told him if he had any work in Mumbai i am always there. He nodded vigorously but did not take my number :):). Here goes the selfie i took:


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parijat shukla

Sense of humour is the essence of life. Rest are just events !! :)

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