Happy Birthday Dear Son (Part 2)

Dearest Son,

Today 1 st September you turn six year old :):). Cuteness got a new meaning when on 1st september 2010 afernoon (you were born at 2:03 pm) i took you in my hands few minutes after your birth :). During your birth,  your bhaiya (four year old at the time) was equally excited to welcome a new member to our family. We were in Gwalior at that time and all the relatives were eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Life and family got complete when you entered our lives. We parents got a son and a brother got a younger sibling :):)

When the nurse gave you into my hands, you were wrapped in clothes and appeared like a bundle :):). Even after i took you in my hands, you felt so light that i was afraid you might get slipped from my hands and fall !!!:):)

We kept looking at your face mesmerized trying to read the contours of your closed small eyes, tiny nose, those two pink lips just like two tiny rose petals….and i was about to kiss exactly your lips when i noticed all eyes staring at me :):)so i satisfied myself just by kissing your forehead :):)

Your bhaiya was escatic too and said “ye toh bilkul mere jaisa hai ” (he is exactly like me!!) :):)

Son, each moment of life has been a celebration with you. your wits knows no bound and sometimes your remarks are too hot for your mummy to handle :):mrgreen:.

Yesterday you had asked that you would like to have in your hands hand written birthday wishes when you get up next morning…We slept early only to get up with a start at 5 and managed to make the following.

The first one was made by me while the second one (with flowers and all :):)) by your creative Naniji.

You know i was transferred to Rajkot and had to go there and live for two years while you with your mummy and bhaiya remained at Delhi (as I kept trying for transfer back and did not shift family for two years; a big mistake in hindsight considering how i missed your childhood moments); Your mummy was with both kids in Delhi and no one else to support. Two small hyper active kids took great efforts on her part . sometimes she had to keep to standing inside washing machine to restrain you from moving here and there and hurting yourself in the process!!!. I have posted a pic with you standing inside washing machine, so happy to be there and showing all your five teeth 🙂  ðŸ™‚

Love you always,

Mummy Papa

Looking forward to having “kheer” today evening that you mummy is going to make :):):)


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parijat shukla

Sense of humour is the essence of life. Rest are just events !! :)

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