Today’s Gyan

This is what I learnt today at the yoga centre. The three C’s which are important for us are as follows:

a) Collection: Collecting virtues from people you encounter. Try to look for the virtues in people instead of looking for their defects and try to imbibe those good qualities.

c) Connection : connect with the Supreme one through meditation etc

The second one I forgot 🙂 :), will update when i am able to  recall it or see from the notepad where i have noted it. 🙂

Would you like to guess it ?

Update 1 (29-09-2016)

Today morning i saw in the notepad the third word and it is Correction 🙂

I would like to write a few line on this. It was the most crucial word and i had to forget this one only !! 🙂 🙂

Correction refers to the process of identifying our own defects/shortcomings and taking action to correct them. The thing is most of us are busy looking for flaws in others and do not have time or will to look inwards and introspect on our own nature.

Sometimes we get so obsessed in fault finding in a person (say A) that when that person is appreciated by some other person (say B) we feel upset and focus on convincing B that A is not worthy of the understanding or respect that you are giving. We do so because our ego does not accepts the fact that someone else can see the qualities in a person we never cared to appreciate and how can I be wrong and someone else be correct about this person !! 🙂 ;whereas the proper corrective action would have been to assess things calmly and introspect and then see if our views or actions need modification.

Strange are the ways in which our ego works.


Some Thoughts

Started visiting Brahmakumaaris again today. There was gap of many days due to several reasons including disillusionment with all that they tell there. The only difference this time is that have started going there without a notepad as it appears all that they tell is already known to me !!! In any case i never reread anything wrote earlier so it appeared waste of ink and paper 🙂

Sometimes merely doing something is therapeutic and this visit is one of those acts. Doing just for the sake of doing just as writing here just for the sake of writing!!.

Doing mundane things never excited me. Even in professional life i dislike mundane, day to day mechanical activity as i feel it could be done by anyone!!. I remember few years back when i submitted my annual self assessment to my senior, he remarked that he wished to give me much  better grading but for the fact that i wrote much less than i did and offered to give paper back to me for spicing it up but i still declined to change or add to whatever i wrote….call it laziness or plain lack of ambition !!

Of late i believe mundane things , the daily day to day boring activities too have their own charm…they keep people involved and busy in one way or the other so they dont think too much about other things of life and may be dont even need to visit Brahmakumaaris !! :))


Enough of this mundane writing as of now 🙂 !!

A Poem

​The crimson red of the sunset,

The fallen petels of the flowers,

The falling river into the sea,

All sing the same song,

There awaits a new beginning.

Rekha – Part 1

Purchased this book yesterday and have started reading it. Till now 30 pages are over and i think its enough to write a post.

These 30 pages i read cover those part of her life when she was married to Mukesh Agarwal. This marriage lasted just 6 months and the marriage happened after courtship of one month.

Mukesh Agarwal was a bania who left education at thr age of 13 then did odd jobs before making it big in the world of business so basically a self made man. He had a complex and loved to be in company of high and famous to make him feel better.

He got smitten by Rekha and through some common friends like Derpti Naval and Bina Ramani got close enough to Rekha to propose her marriage.

They married too fast to avoid any change of mind. He was more a fan than a husband to Rekha completely mesnerised by her.

Now what happens next bring to fore some inner traits of this evergreen acrtess. Mukesh had been fighting depression and this was a reality Rekha had to accept after marriage. He also suffered some business setbacks and this coupled with depression (in my opinion) made him so insecure that he started spending more time with Rekha in Bombay than looking after his business in Delhi.

People close to Rekha would tell her “Is this the man you married” and this coupled with erosion in newness of marriage makes Rekha feel they are incompatible and she starts to maintain distance with her husband (instead of supporting her in his low phase of life).

The husband gets more insecure and wife gets more stony. He pleads to meet her, to talk to her,while she starts contemplating divorce..

She stops picking his calls…He visits her home at bandra and waits for her..she comes , he moves towards her to meet…she sees him gets back into car and drives away..he stands there in rains, tears mixing with rains screaming her name hoarse…

Finally he agrees for divorce as desired by her..but before that he hangs himself using “her” dupatta.

She may have become an accomplished actress but the one word that comes to mind after reading so far is that “what a cruel #$#$*”.

And yes..she did not attend her husband’s funeral.

Mumbai to Ahmedabad

Today while coming from Mumbai to Ahmedabad with a colleague for some official work , i sat in the middle seat with my colleague on my left and a slim young slim man to my right. We were waiting for the flight to depart and i was casually chating with my colleague.

Another passenger comes to our seat, says hello to young man and takes a selfie with him , thanks him and goes to his seat.

Now i am curious. Look at the face of the young man but it rings no bells. How do i ask him which “celebrity” he is !!

Notice his boarding pass in his hand and read the name as “Rahul Chaudhury”. Still no clue so resort to google his name :). It turns out he is captain of kabaddi team Telgu Titans. Say hello to him and we happily start chating ☺☺.

Suddenly remember both sons are huge fan of him and watch his each match. Wattsapp couple of selfies with Rahul to wife’s phone. Instantly receive a voice message from sons saying hello to Rahul and wishing him best. I make Rahul listen to it and record thanks in his voice and wattsapp back to sons who were happy beyond dreams ☺☺.

Flight takes off and Rahul stuffs plugs to his ears to watch some you tube videos but with me adjacent how could he not chat to me :)☺.

So poor fellow had to keep ear plugs on and off several times :):)

Yes i did not forget to ask him why people with specks dont play kabaddi.:):). He laughed and tells they do but after taking off spectacles and then i ask whether they are able to see opponents and we had hearty laugh.

Had a great journey. Finally told him if he had any work in Mumbai i am always there. He nodded vigorously but did not take my number :):). Here goes the selfie i took:

Funny Moments

This conversation took place today morning during breakfast.

Me: Look son, someone great has said that your freedom ends where my nose begins.

Both sons : What does it mean ?

Me: You see it means your freedom does not mean you trouble others physically.Nose is probably the start of a person’s body , hence the quote :):).

Wife: Then in your case the quote should be “your freedom ends where my tummy begins”

I am like Grrrrrrr

All: :):mrgreen::mrgreen::)