My Papaji

​Today i am going to write  about a 65 year old but a kid in temperament and innocence : My father in law, he has come to be with us for few days as i had told in an earlier post.
Papaji has a gold mine of experience which he shares with me through his non stop talk throughout the day and all that i say in response is “ji papaji”:):)

Papaji needed to see doctor for some ailment here. Now he is too afraid of needles/injections but was needed to be given one. He avoids going to doctor and believes all they do is rob you of your health and money:).

While he was inside the doctor’s room i was sitting outside. suddenly the room opens and doctor rushes out :
Doc: Is Mr Katare with you ?

Me: Yes, what happened ?

Doc: He is very angry…please pacify him..

I rush inside only to see papaji look very angry though cute.

Me: What happened papaji.

Papaji: Look these people are unnecessary giving me injection. I dont need one. Lets go home !!!

Me: But papaji this is part of treatment and how will we see whole Mumbai and have delicious dishes unless you are fit and fine.

Papaji gets the point. I signal doc to do it quickly lest he changes his mind :):).

Such is my dear papaji . Have posted a pic with him below:):


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parijat shukla

Sense of humour is the essence of life. Rest are just events !! :)

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