Happy Birthday Dear Son.

To Dearest Son,

Nothing ever matches the feeling of euphoria when in January 2006 while i was in my office in Delhi , i received a call from my wife:

She: there is a good news for us…congratulations ….aap papa banne waale ho (you are going to be a papa):)☺

There was silence for few long seconds when we both simply held our phones without saying anything. I was feeling as if on drug…eyes became moist with happiness and with choked throat i could only say “congrats to you too”☺☺

The world changed for us. Life got a great purpose and each tiny thing became a cause of huge celebrations.

Few weeks later wife goes to Gwalior from Delhi to be with her parents. On 29 Aug 7pm soon after i
am back from office , i get a call from wife”s bhabhi.

She: Jijaji N has been taken to hospial for delivery…

(i was upset no one told me this earlier as i wanted to be by her side at the time of delivery)

I rush to the Delhi railway station..while i am in Delhi metro my brother in law calls and informs that at 8:47 we have been blessed with a baby boy ☺☺.By the time i reach there the last train has already departed and the next train is only in the morning at 5!. I take the ticket , go to the playform and sit on a bench…each second seems like an eternity..another person comes and sit near me and i share my happiness with her !!!. I feel like just going to each person on the platform, holding him , hugging him and share the news but i restrain my self from doing so ☺☺.

I sit on the bench whole night with so many thoughts and feelings. There was no wattsapp or smart phone that time and my phone had no balance left to make any call !!

Next morning i get the train..Remaing awake and sitting whoke night makes my bodyache very tired but the mind is still flying :).

Few hours later i reach gwalior station and rush straight to the nursing home…there you are lying adjacent to your mummy…i kiss your lips…my mother in law says dont do that for fear of infection but i am beyond care…i tell all “see his nose is big as mine!!!” :):).I hugg N and thank her for these moments :)☺

Since then each day with you has been gift for us. On your 10 th birthday today we wish to tell you that we love you and will keep doing so till our last breath.

Your papa n mummy.



Published by

parijat shukla

Sense of humour is the essence of life. Rest are just events !! :)

40 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dear Son.”

  1. Wow…he’s such a cutie pie!! Takes after his mom though. 😉
    Hope he has a super birthday and a lovely year ahead. My best wishes and blessings for him.
    P.S He has entered double-digits in age. Beware now. 😈


    1. Since this is my blog i could make him look like me 😊😀.
      He was feeling withdrawl symptoms today morning as his cousins have left so he decided not to go to school and we agreed…Younger one too on seeing this considered it moral right not to go so both are at home ☺!!!

      Since i am at hospital with papaji for tests i have asked their mummy to take them somewhere 😊

      As regard effect of double age it happened long back…even six year old behaves as adult you know that 😅😅

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