It is 2:15 AM and it appears my sleep quota is over and after lying in thr bed for over half hour to attempt to sleep, i decide to write a post :).

The headache is still there but not as severe as yesterday. I would continue from yesterday. We eight colleagues go to powai area of Mumbai directly from office to have the farewell dinner. One of the colleagues has come with his wife of four months and understandably so :). Rest of us are single!!.

We get off the vehicle and start walking around to have the feel of the area. It is first time i am visiting that part of Mumbai and i can find it so much different from rest of Mumbai. The market around Hiranandani complex is swanky , so upmarket and it feels as though we were walking in some European country :):). There is so vibrancy and hustle bustle all around and it is so full of life and energy that i at times seem to forget my huge headache :):). The buildings have superb architecture too and i can even notice a green lush hill at a distance 🙂 🙂

The market is hub of all National and Internationsl brands not to mention various eateries, snacks point etc. Even a non-foodie like me is liking it a lot !!:)

I message my wife about the area and the fact that we could have opted for an official flat in this area as we had choice that time but we (read I) decided it was more glamorous to live in the vicinity of bollywood stars (star stuck as i was :)) in a “too silent” area ; and i get this “i told you so” message in return and so i decide to concentrate on task at hand.

We visit a eatery named “Mirchi & Mimes”. The speciality of this is that all service is provided by hearing and speaking challenged staff and you have to cimmunicate with them using sign language :). We cannot not get a seat there as we had not reserved the same in advance, so we decide to take this novel experience of eating here in future and move forward.

There is a snacks eatery (dont remember name), which contains vada pavs of all varieties, chhole bhature, samosa, jalebi, badam milk….and what not. We share a plate of hot jalebis and it was too tasty :):)

Then we proceed to a reataurant called Maharaja Bhog. The ambience is great and the music us really soothing. They were playing bhajans of krishna :):).

We opt for rajasthani thali . The thali contains atleast 15 items including daal baati choorma, various vegetables, roti, rotla, halwa, shreekhand etc etc. I wish i had taken picture of thali to post here :).

We start eating. Most of the items have more spices than i prefer so i just taste them and then eat roti/rotla with shreekhand !!:):). We enjoy the conversation a lot. I eat the halwa too has i love sweets :). In the end we were also given paan (betal leaf). 

I brought the paan for wife as gift :):)

I post some of the pics here.


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parijat shukla

Sense of humour is the essence of life. Rest are just events !! :)

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