Good Morning

Well.. i am writing this post in a hurry while standing while the phone is being charged 🙂 before going to have bath as i have to rush for Brahmakumaris for the lecture. I shall be posting all gyans various posts in future 🙂

Aaj kaa gyan : Control your anger and if possible dont open your mouth when angry and withdraw from the situation for sometime , have a glass of water or better still start random conversation with any kid around :mrgreen:

Words said in anger especially to spouse will haunt you till all the time to come so beware and control :):)


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parijat shukla

Sense of humour is the essence of life. Rest are just events !! :)

2 thoughts on “Good Morning”

  1. I so agree with keeping your mouth shut when angry. I got angry yesterday and tried to remain quiet buy I did have some out burst. I’m still working on it although I’m not married yet.

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