Saturday was the day we were supposed to attend parents teacher meeting at kids’ school. The timing for the two kids was different and children were asleep too so it was decided i would attend for elder kid in morning and wife would do so for younger kid later .

During the meeting the test papers for various class tests elder kid had taken were shown. For a boy whose self study time is measured in seconds, it was good to see neatly written answers and surprisingly good performance πŸ™‚

Now to avoid barrage of questions at home from better half i clicked the pics of these test papers and wattsapped it to her immediately.

Few second later i get a call from missus, it goes like :

She: In hindi paper the teacher has deducted half mark in a question..

Me: Its okay yaar (now i dread this thing of going to teacher to squabble about some half mark ) . He has got 19 out of 20 which is good for a language paper….

She: Still ask the teacher about it when you are already there…

Me (finding no escape route): Okay tell me the details.

She: The question which says “Petura ne kitne kele khaye” (how many bananas did peturam eat), he has written correct answer as half dozen still the teacher has deducted half marks…

Me: Okay you want me to talk to teacher about this peturam !!!??

She (in a tone of finality): Yes.

Finding no way out i approach hindi teacher to clarify about whether peturam had eaten so much bananas or not !!

Teacher: The answer is correct but he should have written the full sentence instead of simply writing half dozen..See this is language paper not maths etc

Me: (I dont know what fear guided me but even after appreciating his point i continue) But sir the answer is correct and thats what matter…

Teacher: No No there can be no change in marks…

I did not pursue further , atleast i tried to do whatever possible πŸ™‚

Kid’s class teacher inform he is very bright, nice child, only that he talks too much in class !!!

I told his parents are chatterbox themselves so there is nothing that they can do in this respect πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

Later i also attended the parent teacher council meeting as a member and due to probably my jabbering skills they designate me as Chairman of this council. I am elated as if i have become CEO of some MNC πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

I am back home. The kids are awake too and i quickly summarize the happenings to all then suddenly i remembered something and tell:

Me (quite happily): You know they made me Chairman of this parent teacher council.

I am mentally preparing to make a small thank you speech for the expected congratulatory messages…

Elder kid: So that means you will be arranging chairs for any future event at School.

I am shell shocked and wife is like LOLLLLLLLL:):):)


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parijat shukla

Sense of humour is the essence of life. Rest are just events !! :)


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