A subordinate of mine requested that he needs to go home early yoday as his wife had “advised” him to attend a programme held at her parents’ home and she could not go due to their daughter’s exam…He told me sir its important to go and looked expectently at me for consent.

I made a seroius expression for better effect and told him …Look the matters pertaining to or advised by wife are NOT important …..they fall under three category only 1. Urgent 2. Most Urgent and 3. Emergency situation; so how could i not let him go.

We all laughed a lot over above :):)


Published by

parijat shukla

Sense of humour is the essence of life. Rest are just events !! :)

22 thoughts on “URGENT MATTERS”

                    1. Yes! Great game by both. Got the silver. No small feat Sindhu. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
                      Sorry I disappeared. Angel doesn’t care about Olympic Finals when she’s hungry. 😦


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