This one blog interested me a lot. The writer writes by name of Beparvah (meaning unconcerned) and his real name is Chandrajit Mukherjee, a gentleman professor by profession and a UPSC aspirant.

Few months back i got transferred to Mumbai and initially lived there alone for few weeks. One night sleep was not coming by and while i was randomly reading blogs i came across this blog of his ( and after reading few posts got so much absorbed that i read all past posts almost till next morning.

Beparvah has given a new dimension to the way people love. He had a girlfriend and for some unexplained reason went away from him which broke him completely. In the meantime unfortunately he loses his Mom who was a pillar of strength to him…

It would appear that our Beparvah would not be able to survive this double onslaught from God but probably his mother was still providing him strength from up there..He rose like a phoenix and gathered himself…Laughed amist tears of sadness..

Then he turned to writing his feelings. His love for the girl kept on increasing despite the separation. He did not approach her as he believes true love cannot be forced upon someone and believes if his love is true they will unite. The pain in his heart is quite evident from his post.

We as fellow bloggers tried to offer our unsolicited advices..Some asking him to move on while some even suggesting that he was being irrational but he did not waver a bit nor did he ever blame the girl even once for his situation.

Gradually we accepted and started respecting his decision. My only concern is that while waiting for true love is fine but life is limited and there may be new people willing to enter our heart , to become our soulmate and to give a purpose to our life.

If the girl in question is reading this blog please understand that it is important to provide a closure (positive or negative) to a person who considers love so pious so pristine…Whaever happens our heartfelt wishes are with our dear friend Beparvah ☺☺.

PS: Originally posted on 12-08-2016 on my old site which got deleted.


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