A distant cousin sister of mine has been staying in Mumbai for some years now. A little background information about this cousin : She is few years younger to me. We spent our childhood in the same city and our families used to visit each other frequently. I knew her as one the sensible downtoearth member of her family much different from her other two real sisters.

However after sometime i shifted to different city for education/job and she got married subsequently, and there was no further communication with her other than being connected on FB.

In the meantime i came to know through my parents that she got divorced..and had started living in Mumbai where she is working.

When i recently shifted to Mumbai intimated her about the same however as there was no response from her i assumed she wasnt interested in interaction other than FB where we used to post routine “nice” comments on each others post.

Today she posted a pic of herself with her current boyfriend in a manner i which it wouldnt be wrong to guess she is going to marry this guy.

However something about the eyes of this guy disturbed me…I found those eyes very dishonest. Now based on my past experience with people’s faces i consider myself fairly good at face reading.

The dylemma begins here…Should i convey my gut feeling to my cousin without being misunderstood especially when she has chosen to have only formal FB interaction with me..

Suggestions from blogger friends are welcome…☺


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parijat shukla

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7 thoughts on “A DILEMMA”

  1. I think you shouldn’t do anything as of now. She’s a big girl and can decide for herself. You aren’t even sure yet if she is in a relationship with the Ä£uy or is contemplating marriage. Already divorced, I’m sure she’s being cautious herself. If things go further and the discussion comes up you can put forth your thoughts.
    This is what I feel. You can certainly rely on your better judgement.

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    1. Varsha i agree with what you say. I understand how stupid it sounds to tell a person who is going to restart her married life something negative about her partner that too on the basis of my gut feeling…I just hope best for her and trust her better judgment. As she herself did not discuss her marriage/divorce etc during last chat we had, i assume that she does not want to discuss these things with a relative for whatever reason she might have…So unless she specifically asks me i will only silently wish the best for her. Thanks for giving your views on this matter.


  2. Wow. A dilemma indeed. I am an excellent body language reader.
    This would be my suggestion: does she know you are “fairly good at face reading?” If so, maybe broach the subject gently. If she doesn’t know that about you…I would just say “tread lightly.”

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  3. hmm.. it is tough position when we cant reveal what’s in our heart, especially when not sure of the acknowledgment from the other side..
    i assumed myself to be in your position, and i think I will inform this to her..dont ask me more.. that’s it.. 🙂

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    1. Akhila my heart badly wants to do what you say while my mind says otherwise….I feel protective about this girl but…Let mind and heart fight it out and decide. why should i be concerned !!! Thanks for speaking your heart out 🙂 🙂

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