My Papaji

​Today i am going to write  about a 65 year old but a kid in temperament and innocence : My father in law, he has come to be with us for few days as i had told in an earlier post.
Papaji has a gold mine of experience which he shares with me through his non stop talk throughout the day and all that i say in response is “ji papaji”:):)

Papaji needed to see doctor for some ailment here. Now he is too afraid of needles/injections but was needed to be given one. He avoids going to doctor and believes all they do is rob you of your health and money:).

While he was inside the doctor’s room i was sitting outside. suddenly the room opens and doctor rushes out :
Doc: Is Mr Katare with you ?

Me: Yes, what happened ?

Doc: He is very angry…please pacify him..

I rush inside only to see papaji look very angry though cute.

Me: What happened papaji.

Papaji: Look these people are unnecessary giving me injection. I dont need one. Lets go home !!!

Me: But papaji this is part of treatment and how will we see whole Mumbai and have delicious dishes unless you are fit and fine.

Papaji gets the point. I signal doc to do it quickly lest he changes his mind :):).

Such is my dear papaji . Have posted a pic with him below:):


Happy Birthday Dear Son.

To Dearest Son,

Nothing ever matches the feeling of euphoria when in January 2006 while i was in my office in Delhi , i received a call from my wife:

She: there is a good news for us…congratulations ….aap papa banne waale ho (you are going to be a papa):)☺

There was silence for few long seconds when we both simply held our phones without saying anything. I was feeling as if on drug…eyes became moist with happiness and with choked throat i could only say “congrats to you too”☺☺

The world changed for us. Life got a great purpose and each tiny thing became a cause of huge celebrations.

Few weeks later wife goes to Gwalior from Delhi to be with her parents. On 29 Aug 7pm soon after i
am back from office , i get a call from wife”s bhabhi.

She: Jijaji N has been taken to hospial for delivery…

(i was upset no one told me this earlier as i wanted to be by her side at the time of delivery)

I rush to the Delhi railway station..while i am in Delhi metro my brother in law calls and informs that at 8:47 we have been blessed with a baby boy ☺☺.By the time i reach there the last train has already departed and the next train is only in the morning at 5!. I take the ticket , go to the playform and sit on a bench…each second seems like an eternity..another person comes and sit near me and i share my happiness with her !!!. I feel like just going to each person on the platform, holding him , hugging him and share the news but i restrain my self from doing so ☺☺.

I sit on the bench whole night with so many thoughts and feelings. There was no wattsapp or smart phone that time and my phone had no balance left to make any call !!

Next morning i get the train..Remaing awake and sitting whoke night makes my bodyache very tired but the mind is still flying :).

Few hours later i reach gwalior station and rush straight to the nursing home…there you are lying adjacent to your mummy…i kiss your lips…my mother in law says dont do that for fear of infection but i am beyond care…i tell all “see his nose is big as mine!!!” :):).I hugg N and thank her for these moments :)☺

Since then each day with you has been gift for us. On your 10 th birthday today we wish to tell you that we love you and will keep doing so till our last breath.

Your papa n mummy.



It is 2:15 AM and it appears my sleep quota is over and after lying in thr bed for over half hour to attempt to sleep, i decide to write a post :).

The headache is still there but not as severe as yesterday. I would continue from yesterday. We eight colleagues go to powai area of Mumbai directly from office to have the farewell dinner. One of the colleagues has come with his wife of four months and understandably so :). Rest of us are single!!.

We get off the vehicle and start walking around to have the feel of the area. It is first time i am visiting that part of Mumbai and i can find it so much different from rest of Mumbai. The market around Hiranandani complex is swanky , so upmarket and it feels as though we were walking in some European country :):). There is so vibrancy and hustle bustle all around and it is so full of life and energy that i at times seem to forget my huge headache :):). The buildings have superb architecture too and i can even notice a green lush hill at a distance 🙂 🙂

The market is hub of all National and Internationsl brands not to mention various eateries, snacks point etc. Even a non-foodie like me is liking it a lot !!:)

I message my wife about the area and the fact that we could have opted for an official flat in this area as we had choice that time but we (read I) decided it was more glamorous to live in the vicinity of bollywood stars (star stuck as i was :)) in a “too silent” area ; and i get this “i told you so” message in return and so i decide to concentrate on task at hand.

We visit a eatery named “Mirchi & Mimes”. The speciality of this is that all service is provided by hearing and speaking challenged staff and you have to cimmunicate with them using sign language :). We cannot not get a seat there as we had not reserved the same in advance, so we decide to take this novel experience of eating here in future and move forward.

There is a snacks eatery (dont remember name), which contains vada pavs of all varieties, chhole bhature, samosa, jalebi, badam milk….and what not. We share a plate of hot jalebis and it was too tasty :):)

Then we proceed to a reataurant called Maharaja Bhog. The ambience is great and the music us really soothing. They were playing bhajans of krishna :):).

We opt for rajasthani thali . The thali contains atleast 15 items including daal baati choorma, various vegetables, roti, rotla, halwa, shreekhand etc etc. I wish i had taken picture of thali to post here :).

We start eating. Most of the items have more spices than i prefer so i just taste them and then eat roti/rotla with shreekhand !!:):). We enjoy the conversation a lot. I eat the halwa too has i love sweets :). In the end we were also given paan (betal leaf). 

I brought the paan for wife as gift :):)

I post some of the pics here.

Headache of party

Such a severe headache and feeling of nausea but i am supposed to go to farewell dinner of a senior colleague now to some restaurant while all that i feel doing is just to go home and lie on bed….but this is important to attend and just thinking about restaurant food is not helping much as i dont normally like outside food. Lets see how i manage this ….

It is when you are unwell that you understand the importance of a normal day, a day without headaches, cold etc and other such irritants.


Good Morning

Well.. i am writing this post in a hurry while standing while the phone is being charged 🙂 before going to have bath as i have to rush for Brahmakumaris for the lecture. I shall be posting all gyans various posts in future 🙂

Aaj kaa gyan : Control your anger and if possible dont open your mouth when angry and withdraw from the situation for sometime , have a glass of water or better still start random conversation with any kid around :mrgreen:

Words said in anger especially to spouse will haunt you till all the time to come so beware and control :):)


Saturday was the day we were supposed to attend parents teacher meeting at kids’ school. The timing for the two kids was different and children were asleep too so it was decided i would attend for elder kid in morning and wife would do so for younger kid later .

During the meeting the test papers for various class tests elder kid had taken were shown. For a boy whose self study time is measured in seconds, it was good to see neatly written answers and surprisingly good performance 🙂

Now to avoid barrage of questions at home from better half i clicked the pics of these test papers and wattsapped it to her immediately.

Few second later i get a call from missus, it goes like :

She: In hindi paper the teacher has deducted half mark in a question..

Me: Its okay yaar (now i dread this thing of going to teacher to squabble about some half mark ) . He has got 19 out of 20 which is good for a language paper….

She: Still ask the teacher about it when you are already there…

Me (finding no escape route): Okay tell me the details.

She: The question which says “Petura ne kitne kele khaye” (how many bananas did peturam eat), he has written correct answer as half dozen still the teacher has deducted half marks…

Me: Okay you want me to talk to teacher about this peturam !!!??

She (in a tone of finality): Yes.

Finding no way out i approach hindi teacher to clarify about whether peturam had eaten so much bananas or not !!

Teacher: The answer is correct but he should have written the full sentence instead of simply writing half dozen..See this is language paper not maths etc

Me: (I dont know what fear guided me but even after appreciating his point i continue) But sir the answer is correct and thats what matter…

Teacher: No No there can be no change in marks…

I did not pursue further , atleast i tried to do whatever possible 🙂

Kid’s class teacher inform he is very bright, nice child, only that he talks too much in class !!!

I told his parents are chatterbox themselves so there is nothing that they can do in this respect 🙂 😉

Later i also attended the parent teacher council meeting as a member and due to probably my jabbering skills they designate me as Chairman of this council. I am elated as if i have become CEO of some MNC 🙂 😉

I am back home. The kids are awake too and i quickly summarize the happenings to all then suddenly i remembered something and tell:

Me (quite happily): You know they made me Chairman of this parent teacher council.

I am mentally preparing to make a small thank you speech for the expected congratulatory messages…

Elder kid: So that means you will be arranging chairs for any future event at School.

I am shell shocked and wife is like LOLLLLLLLL:):):)

Papa, Post,Priyanka

It was weekend holyday yesterday and we had planned to watch the movie Rustam in theatre after attending parent teacher meeting at school. However staying at home appeared a tempting option after coming back from school and we did that :)m

Wife who is more into FB ( despite my request to join WP several times) tells me:

She: Look what papaji (my papa) has shared on FB just now.
I read the post title and it goes like:

“Priyanka Chopra to pose topless for xyz magazine” :):)

Now while we are all for freedom for all adults including my father to read or post what they deem fit within legal boundaries , we were sure this thing had happened not freely but by mistake.

Since my better half is having much better communication with my father than me , i requested her to call and tell him diplomatically about this. She was like “No ways !!!”.

So i took four deep breaths, cleared my throat, mustered all confidence and dialed my papa😯.

Me: Papa Charan Sparsh! How are you ? You just posted something about priyanka just now.

I was trying to make light of the situation by sounding humourous but he was not in a mood to reciprocate.

He (almost mumbling): Yes…Dont know which keys got pressed and it got shared…..

I told him the way to delete the post but he was not able to do it. He and my mummy are presently visiting my sisters in Delhi and i knew he would find it awkward to ask my sister to help him delete it..

So i asked for his FB user id and password and deleted it myself:):)

Thanks Priyanka for giving me this opportunity to interact with my papa. :):)