Visit To Vadodara

Few days back I visited Vadodara (Formerly Baroda) for some official work. After the work was finished and I had some spare time visited Laxmi Vilas Palace in the city.




Now some interesting facts about this palace:
1. It was built in 1890 by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad at the cost of 180000 Pounds.
2. It is the biggest private residence in the world, four times the size of buckingham palace.
3. The decendents of the king still live in a portion of this palace.
4. At the time of its construction it had the most modern ameneties like elevators, power connection and interior is reminiscent of large European country house.
5. The king hired the best architect from Europe (sorry cant recall his name) to build it. After little construction he felt the foundation wont be able to bear the weight of huge palace and sadly killed  himself in distress…Later this proved to be one of the most magnificent building !

At entry gate you will be given a pen drive with pre recorded commentary about various facts related to palace and its a real treat to listen to it while roaming around…Its sort of E-Guide 🙂

The inside of the palace contains various accessories including a separate hall for weapons used in wars and you can history and importance of various weapon 🙂

This Mararaja (king) was foreign educated, very openminded, with deep interest in art and music and was so progressive that he made education compulsory for girl child and thats the reason Vadodara is one of the best cities in India ( would love to settle there in future :).
I wish i had more time at my disposal. Would love to revisit this sweet city and this palace at the first available opportunity 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Visit To Vadodara”

    1. The city itself is beautiful…and there are many such places there which i couldnt see due to time constraints 🙂


  1. I have been to Baroda once on a work trip, but didnt see anything in the city other than the hotel where we had our workshop and the railway station! Thanks for sharing some interesting trivia of the city palace!

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